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Web Animation Watch Special: Eric Power's 'Life On Paper'.

Thanks to the new digital frontier of the internet, there's more animation available than ever before. But with so much material out there in this web-wild-west, how are you supposed to know what's worth your precious time? That's where we come in. Welcome to yet another Web Animation Watch! We're taking a break from our usual schedule this week, to bring you something a little different- and we think rather special.

A while back we spoke to the talented indie animator Eric Power about his kick-ass samurai feature Path Of Blood. In the interview, he revealed he was working on a very different project, an autobiographical take on the recent life-changing event of becoming a parent for the first time. And now the first episode of Life On Paper is here.

The first 20-minute episode charts the lead-up to the birth, as Eric and wife Alicia make the monumental decision to have a baby. It's a very honest, sweet and funny portrayal of events from both parents to- be's perspective and it feels like a very personal piece of work. And in stark contrast to Eric's feature, there's almost no blood in it at all (there's' some in a syringe, but I don't really think that counts).

The animation style is the same as used in POB, with a distinctive paper cut-out style used to great effect. While in the earlier film the contrast between the style and the substance gave it a subversive style, here it feels like a more natural fit. Long story short: it looks fantastic.

Eric says that he hopes that people will enjoy the first episode enough to justify working on more. We'd certainly like to see more, and we think you'll enjoy it too! Watch the full short below, and visit Eric's website for more of his work