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Feel the Joy: 'Inside Out' Has a Record-Breaking Debut

Pixar's latest Inside Out opened in North America last weekend to near universal acclaim (see Jill's excellent review here) and extremely positive buzz. The first Pixar movie for two years is also being largely seen as a return to form, following a few films that weren't quite up there with the studio's best. The love being showered on the film by critics seems to being shared by the movie going public as a whole, as Pete Docter's film has scored a record-breaking opening to boot.

Despite missing out on the top spot (thanks to the dino-sized success of Jurassic World) the film has earned a spectacular $91.1 million. This may have brought an end to their run of uninterrupted number ones bit it barely matters when it's managed the Studio's second best opening (behind only Toy Story 3). Even more impressively it's the best opening ever for any film that is not a sequel or based on an existing property.

What's behind this massive success? Is it the word of mouth, or are people just so pleased to have Pixar back in their lives they rushed to see it? We don't really know, but it's extremely pleasing to see an original idea doing so well. Hopefully, it will send the message to Pixar (and the suits at Disney) to make more original stories... rather than just fast track Inside Out 2.

Inside Out is now playing in the US and Canada, but fans in the UK will have to wait until late July to see it for themselves.