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Anime Expo Round-up Part 2: 'Utena', 'Dimension W' and more

With Anime Expo 2015- probably the biggest anime focused convention of the year- now wrapped up, we bring you the second part of our round-up of the biggest news coming out of the show. (Part One is here)

  • The US's biggest anime distributor FUNimation announced they will be moving into co-producing- and will be on the production committee of Dimension W. The series is based on a manga by the author of King Of Thorn. They also announced plans to release the classic original Full Metal Alchemist in a complete Blu-Ray box-set, and added Venus Project: Climax and Chaos Dragon to their summer streaming line-up.
  • Right Stuf are also resurrecting a couple of classic anime on Blu-ray with Revolutionary Girl Utena and the original mech drama Gundam both getting a HD makeover. Sunrise- the makers of Gundam- also teased that they are working on a brand new installment of the giant robot franchise- more details to follow soon.
  • The US arm of Production I.G. (the studio behind many classics such as Ghost In The Shell) is to produce a series for Fox's Animation Domination High-Def block.
  • Lucky panel attendees were given a sneaky peek at the next, unannounced project by Studio Trigger, the people who brought you Kill La Kill.
  • Anime streaming site Crunchyroll announced plans to stream Ushio and Tora, Monster Musume, To Love Ru Trouble Darkness 2nd,  Symphogear GX, Gatchaman Crowds season 2, Teekyu 5, Million Doll and  Non Non Biyori Repeat this summer.