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Stuff We Love: Book of Life, HTTYD, Adventure Time and more

People who love animation, are quite often very creative themselves. So it is that fans like you create beautiful artwork, cosplay, videosmusic and more inspired by their favourite animation and characters. We wanted to have a place to regularly highlight this and some of the other fantastic animation-related stuff that doesn't quite fit anywhere else on the site. Welcome to another instalment of Stuff We Love.

If you're an artist, cosplayer or creator who would like to feature in a future edition, drop us an email.

The Mad Max: Fury Road trailer is mashed up with Adventure Time in this genius crossover Madventure Time! It's pretty damn Mathematical..

Cosplayer Gladzy Mei has turned How To Train Your Dragon's adorable Toothless into this utterly inspired warrior woman costume. Genius!


Learn how to make Totoro tarts!

Lovely fan-art from The Book Of Life from Maryloza.

More Adventure Time... with this spot-on Marceline from cosplayer Margaret Cardell [via Daily Cosplay]

This Cool Dragon Ball meets Game of Thrones design is available from  French geek apparel store Sergent Tobogo.

And finally.. How It Should Have Ended take on Inside Out!