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First Look: Danger Mouse Reboot

He's the greatest! He's Fantastic! Wherever there's danger he'll be there... the eagerly awaited return of Danger Mouse is fast approaching. In fact, it's due to start airing this month- September 28th specifically (in the UK- US fans can catch it on Netflix in 2016). This past weekend saw the premiere screening for a lucky audience of invited guests, and the BBC has released a new video to mark the occasion.

The video features the main members of the voice cast- Alexander Armstrong (as DM) Kevin Eldon (Penfold) and Dave Lamb (the narrator). The featured cast wax lyrical about how great it is to be involved with such an iconic property... so far, so standard. But it also offers some of our first looks at actual footage of the show- and it's looking good.

Ireland's Boulder Media have done a great job of bringing the show's look into the present while still capturing the spirit of the classic original. The voice casting is perfect too- Armstrong makes a perfect DM and Eldon manages to recreate the original Penfold performance impressively well. As long as the writing holds up, it's looking like fans both old and new are in for a treat.

The video is below (may not be available to viewers outside the UK).

This wasn't actually the first footage to be released though- the BBC released the first trailer about a month ago- and we somehow managed to miss it. In this original trailer you get a better look at the show itself, and also get to hear the updated version of that classic theme-tune. The video is below (but again may only be available in the UK). The fact that this starts with a reference to The Force Awakens trailer makes us feel confident this show is in the right hands.

You can get an even better look at the new show in the most recent trailer though, which shows more of the cast (including Baron Greenback) and shows more of the animation style. The use of photographic backgrounds is a nice callback to a technique used in the original show too. Check it out below.