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The AFA Podcast Episode 9: With James Rodgers from Lunar Animation

We took last week off, but we're back for our regular discussions of everything animated! Chris, Dan and Yvonne were joined by the very talented animator James Rodgers of Lunar Animation. James talked with us about his career and what it's like to set up your own animation studio.. and it was a really interesting discussion!

James joins us for the second part of the show, but before that we talked some of the masses of animation news that has happened since we last recorded. We talk Minions record breaking, The Iron Giant, FLCL and the London Film Festival among other subjects.

Then it's time to talk what we've been watching, which this week includes Moonbeam City, Dinner For Few, Rick and Morty and The Snowman. Then it's time for our chat with James!

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Approximate Time Codes
0:02- 0:47  Animation News
0.47-  1:15 What We've Watched
1:15- 2:25   In Conversation with James Rodgers From Lunar Animation


A Dinner for Few

The Snowman

The Snowman

When the Wind Blows

Moonbeam City

ANNY: Animation Nights New York

James Rodgers
Lunar Animation

Borrowed Time

Wire Cutters

Rick and Morty