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Latest Trailers : New 'Peanuts Movie' Trailer and 'The Good Dinosaur' International Teaser

It's fair to say that the trailers so far for The Peanuts Movie have done some fantastic work on winning over any doubters. It's always going to be a unique challenge to adapt a property that has meant so much for many to for so long. But Blue Sky's forthcoming adaptation of Charles Schulz's classic comic strip looks like it's going to pull it off. If a lot of the promotional material so far has traded on nostalgia, the latest trailer seems to be aimed at introducing the characters to a new generation. There's footage we've seen in previous trailers, plus a whole load of new material. And there's nothing here to shake us of the opinion that looks like it's going to be fantastic. It also has a rare modern day outing for the 'Trailer Voice Guy'.

Charlie Brown's biggest competition this holiday season is likely to be from this year's second Pixar movie The Good Dinosaur. A new international trailer for which has also just hit the interwebs. While the text is in Spanish, the dialogue isn't, and it gives us a better look at the film than the first teaser- complete with talking dinos.

While writing this up, we uncovered a much longer trailer for the film which had somehow slipped under our radar- and didn't seem to get much publicity. However, this UK trailer apparently came out two months ago and gives us the best indicator of how the film is going to play out than ever before. How we missed it, we don't know... but if you missed it too you can check it out below: