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Production IG Take 'Ghost In The Shell' into VR For Real

The rapidly advancing technology of Virtual Reality (or VR) is one that has obvious applications in the world of videogaming. But it also has the potential to offer a whole new experience in the world of non-interactive entertainment- and perhaps the most obvious medium to make the transition would be animation. Japanese animation studio Production IG have always been at the cutting edge when it comes to advancing the art-form. So it's maybe not that surprising that they are to be among the first animation companies to experiment with this new way of experiencing animation.

The company have revealed they will offer an app for the Occulus Rift VR system- which will be widely available from next year. Rather fittingly the app will be based in the world of Ghost In The Shell- a series that takes place in a world where advanced VR technology is widespread. Specifically, it will tie in with the 2015 Ghost In The Shell The New Movie.

Ghost In The Shell Reality Diver will tell an original story that lasts around 10 minutes and will provide a full 360-degree experience. Additionally, a 3-minute demo version will also be available. IG will be giving the public in Japan their first chance to sample the app at Tokyo Game Show which runs from September 17th-20th.