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Disney Pixar Moves 'Toy Story 4', Dates 'Incredibles 2' and more

Having unveiled their upcoming slate back in August's D23, Disney Pixar have now offered up some more solid information about their next few films. Release dates have been shifted around and the films which have previously been listed only as 'coming soon' now have actual release dates nailed down. Although of course in the movie biz, that doesn't mean that they won't move again sometime between now and the time we actually get to see them.

It kicks off with the eagerly anticipated fishy sequel Finding Dory which will arrive June 17th 2016. Toy Story 4 has moved from its original 2017 slot, and will now arrive June 15 2018 instead. Cars 3 is revving up to take the spot previously occupied by Toy Story, and will now arrive earlier than anticipated.

For those who find the prospect of a third Cars movie less than thrilling, there's good news in that Pixar's next original movie Coco will be arriving just a few months later. The day of the dead inspired film will open on November 22nd 2017. Which will make it the second year that Pixar have released two films within a single year, after 2015's Inside Out/ Good Dinosaur double header.

That only leaves Brad Bird's much wished-for Incredibles 2, which we now know will hit screens on June 21st 2019.

These dates are subject to change and only refer to the US releases- release dates in the UK and elsewhere will no doubt vary. So- are you excited for Pixar's future flicks? Let us know down below!