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GKIDS bringing 'Extraordinary Tales' to Cinemas and VOD

As you are no doubt well aware, Halloween is just around the corner. Which always means that you can expect a wealth of movies and TV series to be released to capitalise on the Spooky Season. This year adult animation fans in the US are not going to be left out, as GKIDS is unleashing the animated horror anthology Extraordinary Tales.

Extraordinary Tales is based on the work of America's best known master of the macabre Edgar Allen Poe. Directed by Raul Garcia, it takes 5 of Poe's best known works and adapts each one using a variety of different animation styles.

Horror fans will get a kick out of the cast too, which features the late great Christopher Lee (in his final role) and even -via archive footage- original Dracula Bela Lugoisi. Genre legends Guillermo del Toro and Roger Corman lend their voices too.

GKIDS will bring the film to a limited number of cinemas from October 23rd 2015. If you can't make it to a screening though, the film will see simultaneous release on major VOD platforms as well. The list of confirmed venues is below. More may be added later- check out the Facebook Page for more.

New York, NY - IFC Center
Los Angeles, CA - Sundance Sunset Cinema
Boston, MA - AMC Boston Commons 19
Washington, DC - AMC Hoffman 22
San Francisco, CA - 4 Star Theater
Denver, CO - Denver Film Center
Phoenix, AZ - FilmBar
Minneapolis, MN - St. Anthony Main Theatre
Seattle, WA - Grand Illusion Cinema
Columbus, OH - Gateway Film Center
Pittsburgh, PA - Row House Cinema
Albuquerque, NM - Guild Cinema
Houston, TX - Museum of Fine Arts Houston (opens 10/30)
Winston-Salem, NC - a/perture cinema
Vancouver, WA - Kiggins Theatre
Québec City, QC - Cinéma Le Clap
Winchester, VA - Alamo Drafthouse Winchester