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NYCC: 'How To Train Your Dragon' Graphic Novel Series Announced

We know that many of you just can't get enough How To Train Your Dragon. As well as the movies, the franchise has had 3 successful TV series and other spin-offs including videogames, book, and apps. The latest addition to help expand the world of Berk is to be a series of Graphic Novels as revealed at New York ComicCon 2015.

DreamWorks Animation are teaming up with Dark Horse Comics to launch the series, which will debut with The Serpent's Heir in 2016. The books will pick up the story after the second movie. However, where the comics will differ from the TV incarnation is that original writer-director Dean DeBlois is on board as co-writer. DeBlois will be writing alongside Richard Hamilton, writer of the Race To The Edge series.

The presence of DeBlois certainly gives the project an air of authenticity suggesting this is no mere cash-in.  It's definitely reassuring for those who feel that his absence is felt noticeably in the TV incarnation. Pierre-Olivier Vincent, production designer on the movies has been tagged as cover artist -and the revealed art so far is definitely impressive. The artist (or artists) who will be responsible for the actual books between those oh-so pretty covers is still under wraps for the time being though.

The story will pick up mere hours after the events of How To Train Your Dragon 2 and will cover brand new stories they haven't yet told in any other medium. This will include back-stories for characters both human and dragon, hero and villain alike.

The writers have also promised that they will take advantage of the comic's medium and will be able to tell stories with less limitations. Freed from concerns such as budget and what elements are harder to animate, they can allow their imaginations to run riot. Which is exciting for any HTTYD fan.

The first volume How To Train Your Dragon: The Serpent's Heir will be released some time in 2016. More details will be confirmed at a later date.