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NYCC: 'Adventure Time' Marceline Spin-Off Mini Series Coming November

This past weekend saw one of the biggest events in the world of comics, TV, movies and of course, animation as New York ComicCon 2015 took place. Of the whole slew of announcements that emerged over the 3 days of the con one of the biggest for animation fans came out of this year's Adventure Time panel,

The series is set to debut it's new seventh season on November 2nd. Just a few days later - on November 14th- it will be joined by Stakes, a mini-series spin-off centring on the popular character of Marceline.

Marcy has been hugely popular since her first appearance on the show, and has already got her own comic spin-off series. The series will revolve around a failed attempt to "cure" The Vampire Queen of her vampirism, and will delve into her back-story. It will even reveal how she first became a vampire.

Stakes will be an 8-part series, described as a "longer form event". Lucky NYCC attendee even got a chance to feast their eyes on the first two episodes at the panel. The existence of this spin-off will be great news for fans of the character, and a chance to learn more about her than ever before. But what we really want to know is- can we have a Lumpy Space Princess spin-off next? (We're only half joking)

It was also revealed in the panel that Adventure Time season 7 will feature another gender-swapped episode (meaning the return of Fionna and Cake) and a half-hour holiday special centred on BMO. It's looking like it's going to be another mathematical season for fans of Finn, Jake PB, and co!