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Stuff We Love: Halloween Special

People who love animation, are very often very creative themselves. So it is that fans like you create beautiful artwork, cosplay, videosmusic and more inspired by their favourite animation and characters. We wanted to have a place to regularly highlight this and some of the other fantastic animation-related stuff that doesn't quite fit anywhere else on the site. Welcome to another- this time spooky Halloween themed- installment of Stuff We Love.

If you're an artist, cosplayer or creator who would like to feature in a future edition, drop us an email.

The latest new Mickey Mouse short is perfect for Halloween viewing. Mickey and Minnie head to their local cinema to see a scary movie.. but Mickey's fears get the better of him, Fantastic stuff!

We love to see creative cosplayers make inspired twists on well-loved characters. This is a perfect example- Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas transformed into a fearsome warrior woman, by the super-talented Maweezy. [via Fashionably Geek].

Beatdown Boogie present the best of Cosplay from New York Comic Con 2015.

Funny (literal) Sailor Moon comic from The Odd 1's Out - more here.

Cosplayer Vaxone has put together a suitably freaky tableaux to pay tribute to Tokyo Ghoul!

This is a mighty impressive fan animation that combines Harry Potter with Family Guy. It looks so authentic it could almost be from the show itself (although the voice acting gives it away). From Patrick MacCarthy.

Kiki's Delivery Service meets Little Witch Academia in this stunning art from Kuvshinov-Ilya.

Check out this Totoro Jack O'Lantern! See more anime and game themed pumpkins here.