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Watch This: Beat Down - Aliens and Rap Battles

You could say that we're pretty big fans of the work of Mr Weebl (real name Jonti Picking) around these here parts. He's been bringing the internet hilarious animations and incredibly catchy tunes (that will never leave your head again) for over a decade now. It's a bit of a mystery why no enterprising TV channel or streaming company has yet taken the chance to give the man (and his equally talented crew of animators, writers and voice actors) his own show.

This latest production from Picking's Jelly Penguin outfit feels about as close we've come to that actually happening. Although made for the Youtube channel  Spindo TV (which is aimed at kids) it feels like it could be a bite-sized pilot for something bigger. As it is it's the first episode of a web series, but we could easily see this being turned into a full TV series if someone would just take the chance.

The concept is a fun one. Aliens have taken over the Earth and started forcing humans to Rap battle against each other for their own amusement. The production values are amazing- this is one of the slickest productions we've seen in web animation. Quite frankly, it looks (and sounds) better than a lot of TV animation.

Mr Weebl himself provides the script and music (which are both as great and a funny as you'd expect) and the animation is mainly done by the talented Kreid. We can't help but feel the bar in web animation has just been raised again. Watch it below. See more from Weebl and co here.