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'Attack On Titan' Live Action Movie Hits UK Cinemas December 1st

Attack On Titan is one of the biggest breakout successes in anime and manga for some time. Which explains how the two-part live-action movie adaptation released in Japan this past summer has made it West so quickly. Following screenings in the US via Funimation, the movies will be crashing UK cinemas from December 1st thanks to Animatsu Entertainment and Manga UK.

The screenings are happening in a similar way to Manga's earlier successful cinema screenings of Dragon Ball Z; Resurrection F and Boruto. The majority of the screening will take place on December 1st, but more may well be added if there turns out to be sufficient demand. A number of venues are screening both films in a double bill, while some are only screening the first film.

The films have had a somewhat mixed reception, with most of the criticism from fans seeming to centre on the fact that it takes considerable liberties with the source material. Others though have enjoyed it for what it is and have praised it's visual effects. If it's playing near you then you'll get a chance to make your own mind up very soon.

The list of screenings are as follows. Order your tickets here.

  • Prince Charles Cinema,   (Parts 1 & 2) Wednesday 2nd
  • Vue Islington,  Tuesday 1st
  • Vue Westfield, (Parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st  (Part 1) Saturday 5th , Sunday 6th
  •  Vue Finchley Road    Tuesday 1st
  • Vue Stratford City  (Parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st  (Part 1) Saturday 5th , Sunday 6th
  • Odeon Greenwich   Tuesday 1st
  •  Vue Woodgreen  Tuesday 1st
  •  Vue Croyden Tuesday 1st
  • Showcase Newham (Parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st
  • Odeon Kingston  (parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st
  •  Vue Watford Tuesday 1st
  • Showcase Bluewater  (parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st
  • Showcase Reading  Tuesday 1st
  • Odeon Milton Keynes Stadium (parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st
  • Vue Northampton  Tuesday 1st
  • Odeon Southampton  (parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st
  • Showcase Peterborough Tuesday 1st
  • Showcase Coventry (Parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st
  • Showcase Leicester (Parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st
  • Vue Norwich Tuesday 1st
  • Vue Birmingham Tuesday 1st
  • Odeon Birmingham Broadway (Parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st
  • Showcase Bristol Avonmeads  (Parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st
  • Showcase Bristol CDL (Parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st
  • Showcase Dudley (Parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st
  • Showcase Nottingham (Parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st
  • Showcase Walsall (Parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st
  • Showcase Derby (Parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st
  • Showcase Glasgow (Parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st
  • Vue Edinburgh Tuesday 1st
  • Showcase Paisley Tuesday 1st
  • Vue Gateshead  Tuesday 1st
  • Showcase Teeside (Parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st
  • Odyssey Belfast (Parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st 
  • Vue Swansea Tuesday 1st
  • Showcase Cardiff  (part 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st
  • Vue Plymouth  Tuesday 1st
  • Vue York  Tuesday 1st
  • Showcase Leeds (Parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st
  • Vue Hull  Tuesday 1st
  • Odeon Manchester Printworks  (Parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st
  • Showcase Manchester (Parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st
  • Vue Sheffield Tuesday 1st
  • Showcase Liverpool (Parts 1 & 2) Tuesday 1st


In a post-apocalyptic future where only a fraction of humanity has survived to live humbly amongst the rubble, Eren Jaeger dreams of more. His brainy friend Armin tells tall tales about deserts and oceans beyond the massive walls that guard their civilization, and his girlfriend Mikasa is equally entranced by the birds that soar over those untouchable barricades. Unfortunately, Eren's wish to see the walls opened to the outside world comes at a devastating cost. Enormous humanoid monsters called "Titans" come stampeding through the walls and immediately start eating every man, woman, and child they can find.
In the aftermath of the tragedy, Eren joins the newly minted "Titan Survey Corps" alongside hundreds of other young adults. Some of these new soldiers are hungry for revenge, but most are just plain hungry due to the ensuing famine. While facing down his demons and fighting through past trauma, Eren will have to rediscover what "freedom" means to him in a new world ruled by fear.