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Confirmed: 'Hey Arnold :The Jungle Movie' is Coming

After months of speculation- and years of anticipation- it has finally confirmed that the long awaited Hey Arnold! sequel The Jungle Movie is finally happening.  So we're glad to say that AFA's own Jill's detective skills were right on the money (see her original article here)! As previously guessed, the special will be part of Nickelodeon's initiative to revive classic franchises from their past. While originally planned as a theatrical release back in the day, it will now be a TV movie. Hey Arnold! is the first of Nick's past series to be announced for a return so far.

The Jungle Movie was intended to be the original finale of the series and was to solve the mystery of the whearabouts of Arnold's missing parents. However, the series and feature were ultimately canceled in 2004 leaving the film as a kind of holy grail for fans. Despite the passage of years, Arnold has maintained a passionate fanbase. And it seems their patience has finally paid off.

Details about the project- such as when it will air and who will be involved are being kept under wraps for now- although original creator Craig Bartlett is definitely on board.  It may be worth bearing in mind though that 2016 will mark the 20th anniversary of the show's first broadcast.

Nickelodeon has recently begun to really recognise the value of it's back catalogue, such as with the recent launch of the block 'The Splat' on Teen Nick. The Jungle Movie may just be the first on many titles to come back, with series such as Rugrats and Ren and Stimpy being strong candidates. They may take the form of TV movies, series, theatrical movies or digital shorts- everything is being considered. There's even rumours of an Avengers style cross-over Nicktoons movie.

The network will hope to bring these much-loved characters to both those who grew up on them as well as a whole new generation of fans discovering it for the first time.

Are you excited about the return of The Jungle Movie? What other Nick classics would you like to see come back? Let us know!