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Web Animation Watch: The Return of Weebl and Bob and more

The internet has done great things for animation. It's made it easier for animators to get their work out there than ever before. But with so much stuff out there, how are you supposed to know what's worth watching? Web Animation Watch is here to help once again! You're welcome.

If you've made something that you think would be a good fit for a future installment, drop us a line and let us know.

Way back in the mists of time (or more accurately the early days of the internet animation era) the animator known as Weebl created the animated shorts Weebl and Bob. Featuring two wobbling egg-shaped things with a very particular way of speaking (and a love for pie), they built up quite the following. Now they have returned with their first new episode in some time. And it's gooood to have them back...

The latest in Mashed's 60-second reviews of videogames takes on Nintendo's Mario Maker. Featuring an uncanny Jack Black impression!

This CG short made by students from Singapore's School of Digital Media & Infocomm Technology is very atmospheric, a little bit creepy, but most of all really rather touching. You may find you 'get something in your eye' at the end (cough).

The latest from the one and only Simon's Cat sees the irrepressible kitty encounter new challenges.. and a canine interloper in the form of a friendly pug!