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New 'Kung Fu Panda 3' Trailer Kicks it Up a Gear

We're fast closing in on Kung Fu Panda 3's January Stateside release (March in the UK), so it was about time for another trailer. And it's a doozy, giving us a good look at what we can expect when the third part of DreamWork's hit franchise hits screens next year.

Previously we were introduced to Po's long-lost biological father (voiced by Bryan Cranston). This time we're introduced to his entire extended family as he visits the picturesque Panda village in order to train them to defend themselves against a new and deadly foe. We also get a chance to see this new enemy, a supernatural menace named Kai (who looks like a Yak or maybe some kind of Bison) voiced by J K Simmons.

Based on this trailer, the threequel will offer us plenty more of what has made the franchise so popular thus far. Lots of action, comedy... and a surprising amount of heart. The trailer also shows off some stunning visuals that rival any previous DWA release. The film will see all the original cast reprise their roles, in addition to newcomers Cranston, Simmons and Kate Hudson ( a last minute replacement for Rebel Wilson). Directorial duties are shared by Kung Fu Panda 2 director Jennifer Yuh, and Alessandro Carloni, who is making his feature directing debut (but is an established story artist at the studio).

Kung Fu Panda will return to cinemas in North America on 29th January 2016. Skadoosh!