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Golden Globes Name Best Animated Feature Nominees

Lets be frank here- when it comes to Awards Season The Golden Globes are pretty far down the pecking order- despite the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's best efforts. They're mainly seen as an indication at what might be competing for the Oscars- and they're not always even reliable for that. But as far as we're concerned, it's another event that honours the best in animated features, so it's always going to be on our radar.

The 2016 ceremony will take place on January 10th in Hollwood, and the nominations have been revealed this week. This year five films will compete for the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature:

The line-up is strong, although perhaps not that surprising. The two Pixar films (despite Good Dino's relatively lukewarm reception) were a cert, as was Peanuts. The two stop-motion films are as close to being a surprise as we're going to get- but considering they are two of the best-reviewed films of the year full stop, not really that big a shocker. The Globes are not known for nominating the smaller or independent animated films, so we'd never have expected to have seen the likes of Boy And The World or When Marnie Was There getting nods here.

With the Globes and the Annies nominations out so far, we'd say it's fair to expect that these 5 films are likely to be cropping up everywhere. Much as independent animation fans are advocating for the films released by GKIDS to get their chance, it's probably not going to happen this year. It's possible the Oscars might swap out Shaun for The Prophet or even BATW but we wouldn't bet on it.

With all that said- who is going to win? A couple of months back we'd have said Inside Out was sure to score a clean sweep this Awards Season. But Anomalisa is the dark horse that threatens to unseat Pixar's hopes of another set of shiny baubles.  Inside Out probably still has the slight edge at the moment, but Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson's stop-motion oddity has already got a few awards under its belt.

Whoever wins, we'll find out next month.