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The AFA Podcast: Episode 21- The Good Dinosaur & Peanuts

Welcome to The AFA Podcast Episode 21! It's very much a show of two halves this week. In the first part, Chris, Dan, Rachael and Yvonne talk animation news, including the Annie Nominations, Only Yesterday's US details, the return of Samurai Jack and more. Then in the second half, Rachael and Dan discuss the last two major animation releases of 2015, Pixar's The Good Dinosaur and The Peanuts Movie.

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The Team: Chris Perkins @misterchristor Dan Hamman @hammoo  Rachael Ward @fail2ninja  Yvonne Grzenkowicz @eyesnare_inc


0:01- 0:55   ANIMATION NEWS: Annie Awards nominations, Only Yesterday, Ni no Kuni 2
0:55- 1:35     The Good Dinosaur & Sanjay's Super Team
1:35- 2:01   The Peanuts Movie


Annie Awards


Only Yesterday


Samurai Jack


The Pixar/ Die Hard Theory


The Peanuts Movie:  The AFA Review


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