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Watch The Hollywood Reporter Animation Roundtable 2015

Every year when Awards Season hits, respected publication The Hollywood Reporter conducts in depth Roundtable discussions with the leading contenders in various categories. The Best Animated Feature category is among them, with representatives from the year's biggest animated flicks discussing their work.

The session features six directors of the movies that are considered the front runners in the awards race this year. At least one of them will lose out, for as far as the Oscars go at least there's only five spots to go round. Included are Inside Out director Pete Docter, Charlie Kaufman from Anomalisa, Shaun the Sheep's Richard Starzak, Peter Sohn (The Good Dinosaur) Roger Allers (Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet) and Steve Martino director of the Peanuts Movie.

Although the group are somewhat inaccurately labelled 'animators', this will be a fascinating watch for anyone interested in this year's animated crop. As well as the video version, it's also available to read in full on the website and in the awards season issue of The Hollywood Reporter itself.

Topics covered include their biggest fears, what it's like to produce a R-rated animated movie and the challenges of adaptation versus working on an original concept. There's a nice mix of major studios and indie represented here so it makes the conversation more varied.

Watch the video right here or visit THR for more details.

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