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Chris Hadfield Launches 'It's Not Rocket Science' :An Animated Science Comedy Series

Seeing as you're reading this on the internet, chances are you know who Commander Chris Hadfield is. The Canadian Astronaut found fame through his videos shot on the International Space Station- although he'll probably always be best known as The Singing Spaceman. Since coming back down to Earth permanently the retired Commander has been busy writing books and getting involved with various science and astronomy related projects. Now he's getting involved with an all-ages animated science comedy project called It's Not Rocket Science.

Hadfield will lend his voice and likeness to the series, which is intended to be a series of 10 videos launching starting this winter. Hadfield will be joined by a canine companion in the form of Albert the 'tenacious space pug'. It's a family affair as the series is created by Hadfield's son Evan.  The shorts are being produced by London-based animation studio Kershoot, run by animator  DC Turner and writer/producer Tracy King.

The series aims to educate and entertain at the same time and has a rather lovely visual style. The project officially launched with a live-streamed event at The Foundry in London. You can watch the archived event here.

Funds are being raised through Patreon, with pledges starting as low as $2 a video, although the finished videos are expected to be available to everyone via YouTube. Patreons get access to a range of perks including behind-the-scenes videos and animatics, so head over to the project page if you want to know more. A teaser trailer has been released, which you can see below.