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'Rick and Morty' Meets 'Pokemon' in 'Pocket Mortys'

Adult Swim, much like sister network Cartoon Network has a nice sideline in publishing games and apps based on it's hit shows. The latest Adult Swim show to get a game spin-off is the channel's current breakout hit Rick and Morty. This one is likely to appeal to gamers of a certain ilk too, as Pocket Mortys has a style that may be somewhat familiar.

The name should give you a clue where this one is headed. Pocket Mortys is Rick and Morty by way of Pokemon. The game sees Rick and Morty journey from dimension to dimension in order to battle and capture various Mortys from other dimensions. Or to put it another way- you gotta catch 'em all. The game features more than 80 alternate Mortys (so far) to capture.

Rick has newly invented the Mortypad, the game's equivalent of the Pokedex. Using the Morty Manipulator chip. Rick is able to capture and train wild Mortys and build up his collection. You will also encounter various alternate Ricks (each with their own Mortys) who you must take on in battle. The game is a very smart combination of Pokemon style with the world and characters of Rick and Morty. The graphics feature squat (or super-deformed. as the Japanese would say) versions of the characters in the show, and capture the feel of a Pokemon style RPG extremely well- right down to the turn-based combat. It's super effective.

It's full of references that fans of Nintendo's classic franchise  (including its animated incarnations) and Adult Swim's show will love. We're willing to bet that the cross-over of fans of the two are pretty significant. And best of all? It's free.

The game is available now for mobile or tablet on iOS and Android.