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Netflix and DreamWorks to Launch New Series From Guillermo del Toro, Voltron Remake and more

Netflix's deal with DreamWorks Animation has already brought a number of successful exclusive series to the streaming site's catalogue, including Dragons: Race To The Edge, Dawn Of The Croods and Puss in Boots. The two companies have now announced an extension of the deal that will bring even more content to the service including some potentially exciting new series for animation fans.

The new deal will give Netflix exclusive rights to the new series worldwide (excluding China) and also includes streaming rights to DWA catalogue of features. More intriguingly though, DreamWorks TV will launch a number of new series starting in 2016, based on both existing DWA franchises and other "classic IP".

The "classic IP" likely is a result of the studio's 2012 acquisition of the company Classic Media, which gave them access to numerous well-known characters and franchises- including Peabody & Sherman.

The first classic series to be revived, we now know to be Voltron. The westernised version of 80's anime Golion has recently been mooted for a live-action adaptation, but it looks like this much-loved franchise will return on the small screen instead.

Even more enticingly though is a new series named Troll Hunters, which comes from the awesome Guillermo del Toro and will "unleash a new, fantastical world wrapped around two best friends who make a startling discovery beneath their hometown".  It's not quite clear how big a role GDT will have in the show (he's a very busy fella after all) but we're excited nonetheless.

DWTV works both in CG and 2D animation so it's not yet clear which style either series will take. Both series are expected to launch sometime in 2016. This deal will bring the world much more animation, which can only be a good thing. Still, it has to be said we'd much rather see more original ideas like Troll Hunters and less spin-offs and adaptations of their big-screen stuff- which can only suffer by comparison.