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Watch This: Princess Leia Comes to 'Star Wars Rebels'

We don't think it's understating things to say the whole world seems to have gone Star Wars crazy. With JJ Abrams's The Force Awakens still breaking records all over, the world's favourite sci-fi franchise is very much back in a big way. The timing could hardly be better for Star Wars Rebels to return to our screens.

New episodes of the show are set to resume on Disney XD from January 20th. And when they do they will bring with them a familiar face from the original movies- Princess Leia Organa no less! Rebels takes place in the Star Wars universe shortly before the events of the Original Trilogy, so this is a younger version of the princess than we've ever encountered on-screen before ( we're not counting the baby version from those pesky prequels).

You can get a look at how she will appear in the series courtesy of this brand new clip. The princess looks like she's going to fit in just fine. Fans will surely be delighted to see more OT characters pop up in the series- lets hope she becomes a regular fixture!

The Episode A Princess In Lothal (the eleventh episode of the show's second season) will air January 20th at 9PM ET/PT. Watch the clip, below!