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'Inside Out' and 'Bear Story' Win Animation Oscars

Last weekend saw the climax of the 2016 Awards Season, when the 88th Academy Awards (aka The Oscars) took place. This year's event was mired in controversy surrounding the lack of diversity, but as far as the animated nominations went it was pretty much business as usual. In a strong pool in both features and shorts, a variety of animation styles were represented with filmmakers from the US, UK, Brazil, Chile and Japan making up the nominees.

In the feature category, there was only ever really going to be one winner. Pixar's critical and commercial smash Inside Out took home the golden baldie, which can't really be much of a surprise to anyone. Despite strong competition from Boy and The World, Anomalisa, When Marnie Was There and Shaun The Sheep, this was Pixar's award to lose from the word go.

Pixar didn't manage to make it a double though, as Sanjay's Super Team did not win in the animated short category. The surprise winner was Punk Robot Animation Studio's Bear Story, beating out not only Pixar but animation legend Richard Williams and Indie favourite Don Hertzfeldt. Hailing from Chile, Gabriel Osario's short is a beautifully made analogy of the country's traumatic past under the dictatorship of General Pinochet.  You can watch it here  (via The Wrap) or purchase all the nominees via Shorts HD.