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Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie has been Greenlit as Two Part Event

Last year the rumour mills got wind of the fact that Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie might be becoming a reality at last. The movie was a now legendary grand finale to Hey Arnold, that would finally explain the whereabouts of Arnold's parents. That idea got shelved in favour of Hey Arnold The Movie, and fans were left to wonder what could have been. Until that is, it emerged that there was a suggestion that nearly two decades after the series first aired, Nickelodeon were considering finally giving it the ending it deserved.

After months or speculation, it was confirmed a script was in the works back in November, although details were thin on the ground. It now seems that it's one step closer to actually happening, as series creator Craig Bartlett has confirmed the project has been officially greenlit at last. Via a post on Instagram, Bartlett announced :

It's official! The two-part, two-hour Jungle Movie is greenlit for production! So glad to be back with my friends at Nickelodeon.

It has previously been suggested that the most likely form it would take would be a TV movie, as a theatrical release at this point seemed unlikely. Bartlett's post seems to confirm that not only will it be airing on television, it will be shown in two parts.  So not quite technically the 'movie' that fans might have been expecting.. but it seems unlikely that this will dampen their enthusiasm at all.

We still don't know much more- when it's likely to air, or how much of the original creative staff will be returning for example. Watch this space for more info as we get it!