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KickStart This: 'Dai Shogun' 360° VR Movie

Virtual Reality is set to be the next big thing. It's particularly expected to have an effect on Videogames, but it also will have an impact in film-making. Dai Shogun: Great Revolution is a short 360° VR movie for PC, Mobile and Oculus Rift and GearVR devices, that has opened a crowdfunding campaign via KickStarter.

Dai Shogun is a reboot of the original 2014 2D anime of the same name set in an alternate Steampunk version of feudal Japan. It sees steam-powered mechs piloted by "pairs of virgins" fighting demonic invaders. A gorgeous looking CG concept trailer has been released, and director Kazuya Sasahara (best known for the CG anime Cat Shit One) ultimately intends to make a feature film.

This campaign however is seeking $200,000 to create a one-minute 360° VR film based on the concept. This is how the project is described on the project page:

One intense minute of 360°robot VR action. This is the goal of our project.

By creating a 360° panorama through 3DCG animation, Dai-Shogun will be a whole new movie experience. As one whole minute of continuous animation, this will be a no cut, long take, 360° VR sensation revolution. We wanted this experience to have a realism unlike anything else before it.

The idea of a VR movie won't be for everyone, but the concept is a lot of fun and the animation is stunning, so it's hopeful that the success of this will help that feature film become a reality.

This project has some pretty unique rewards too. Some of the higher tiers offer access to character model data- so that backers can have a copy of the models from the short to manipulate or even create their own animation. That's certainly going to be interesting to aspiring CG animators out there.

The project runs until April 23rd. Head to the KS page for more info or to pledge your support.

Check out the original concept short below.

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