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'Sausage Party' Red-band Trailer Released

American-made adult-skewed feature animation is a rare thing indeed. But over the past few months we've seen both Anomalisa and Hell and Back hit cinema screens. Those two movies could hardly be more different, but they will be joined in the coming months by two more R-rated animated movies- Nerdland from Titmouse and Sausage Party. The latter of the two has just had a work in progress screening at SXSW in Austin, Texas, and apparently has been well-received by audiences.

Sausage Party is the first US made adult CGI animated feature- although we're using 'adult' here in the loosest of terms. The film comes from the writing team of Seth Green and Evan Goldberg, the team responsible for such highbrow fare as The Interview and Pineapple Express. This trailer is therefore unsurprisingly full of salty language, with plenty of F-bombs being dropped.

Much of the trailer's selling-point to be based on the assumption that the idea of animated characters cussing up a storm is in itself hilarious. For our money, the trailer is pretty short on laughs, but it may be that the film actually has more to it than the trailer suggests.

What is quite fun though, is the fact that this seems to essentially be a bit of a parody of the high-concept set-ups that are so beloved of many family animated movies. This does for food what Toy Story did for toys and Cars did for automobiles. Only, k'now with swearing -and probably drug references with Rogen and Goldberg involved.

The film stars Rogen, alongside frequent co-star James Franco, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill and many of their other usual cohorts. The movie is directed by animation vets Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan. It's definitely a new direction for Tiernan whose previous credits include various Thomas The Tank Engine videos.

As of right now we're not entirely sure this a party we want to be invited to. But you can make your own mind up by watching the trailer below (NSFW) .Sausage Party will be released on August 12th in both the US and UK.