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Weebl's Stuff's 'Drunk Animation' To Stream on Twitch

If you've ever watched one of the many, fantastic animation videos on  Weebl's Stuff Youtube Channel or website and wondered just what kind of minds could possibly come up with such stuff, then good news! The team is going to give you a pretty unique insight into their creative process. Drunk Animation is exactly what it sounds like, and will show Weebl's team creating a short animation- while consuming copious amounts of alcohol.

Weebl is one of the top animators on the web and created such iconic works as Badger Badger Badger,  Amazing Horse and Weebl and Bob, racking up millions of views. The Weebl's Stuff channel has grown to include a whole team of talented animators.

The event will be streamed via the Twitch platform (which is primarily used to stream games) on March 18th from 7pm GMT/ 12pm PDT. The line up of increasing inebriated animators will be Kreid, Fawn, Scott,  Sam, Matt, and of course Mr Weebl himself (aka Jonti Picking). This promises to be a fun event that will also allow those watching the stream to get involved themselves, submitting ideas or suggestions (although the drinking along is optional).

Similar events have been done with more general art or comics, in things such as Drink and Draw, but this is the first time we've seen it tried with animation. Do animators and alcohol mix? It should be fun finding out either way...

The event was announced via a typically hilarious video, which you can see below.