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David Fincher's Adaptation Of 'The Goon' Could Finally Be Happening

Quite some time ago acclaimed director David Fincher optioned the rights to the comic book series The Goon, with the plan to produce an animated movie. This was potentially a very exciting prospect, but it could be an animated movie from a major Hollywood player that would be aimed at an older audience- it would aim for a PG-13 rating. Fincher teamed with animation studio Blur and co-director Tim Miller, and a short teaser was made. In 2013 they ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and produced a feature-length animatic, that could be used to shop around to studios. But until recently, no news on this project had been heard for some time.

Fast-forward to 2016, and Tim Miller has been having a pretty good year. He directed an effects-heavy live-action movie that you might have heard of: Deadpool. As in the biggest R rated movie in history. And when you make a movie that hits big, suddenly you have currency in Hollywood. It seems that Miller's increased profile might mean that The Goon is back on the table.

Not only does Miller's name have more weight behind it, but the success of the movie with The Merc With The Mouth may have other knock-on effects on The Goon too. Although the projects do not really have that much in common on the face of it, Miller believes that Deadpool's success does prove there is an audience out there "for this kind of material".

Miller and Fincher have been recording voice-overs for the animatic, and have apparently attracted the attention of a big name Hollywood star. No studio has bought the project yet, but Miller confirms there have been talks in the wake of Deadpool. Could the combination of Fincher and Miller mean one of the studios could finally be convinced this is a project worth taking the risk on?

We're not going to hold our breath, but right now the project probably has its best shot at being made so far. If somebody doesn't greenlight this sucker pretty soon, it might not happen at all. Which is a shame, as an animated movie from this team promises to be pretty special.

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