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Web Animation Watch; 'A Fox Tale', Simon's Cat and more

Welcome back to another fine edition of Web Animation Watch, our regular trawl through the wilds of the internet, seeking the finest gems in online animation. If you've made (or just seen) some animation that you'd like to see in a future edition of this feature- drop us an email today.

Simon's Cat never fails to raise a smile, and always evokes nods of recognition from anyone who has ever "owned" (or should that be "owned by?") a cat. This time around the mischievous moggie gets something new to chase after.

This video for the song Notice Me Senpai by iHasCupquake was produced in collaboration with interweb animation's MVP Weebl. It's a fun spin on certain well-known anime/Japanese pop culture cliches.

New from Explosm Entertainment's Cyanide & Happiness, the short Origin Story puts an unexpected twist on the story behind a certain much-loved superhero with a penchant for darkness- and no parents.

A Fox Tale is a stunning piece of CG animation from directors Thomas Bozovic, Alexandre Cazals, Julien Legay, and Chao Ma. It's an Asian influenced tale with martial arts action, and a twist based on far-eastern folklore. Fans of anime and manga will be familiar with the concept of animals that can take on human form, from films and series such as Wolf Children and Pom Poko. In this case, it features a pair of would-be hunters who become enchanted by a magically (quite literally) foxy lady.

That's all for this week! Web Animation Watch will return. Check out more Web animation Watch here.