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'Funimation Now' Launches in the UK and Ireland

Anime fans in the UK and Ireland just got a whole load of new options, as the new streaming service Funimation Now has arrived. Funimation's new re-designed streaming platform has already launched in the United States and Canada, but the company's first foray into Europe had been delayed from an originally mooted launch in February (and later March). With some of the bugs now ironed out, the beta version of the service has now finally arrived.

The UK and Ireland site does not have quite the same selection of shows at the US version (due to rights issues) with Dragon Ball and One Piece being notable absences. It does boast a pretty impressive line up of back catalogue shows though, including Fairy Tail, Attack On Titan, and Ghost In The Shell Arise. Unlike rivals such as Crunchroll, most series are also available dubbed.

Funimation Now users will also have access to the Spring Season simulcasts, including My Hero Academia. The site offers three types of account- Basic (free and add supported)  Subtitled only (£3.99 a month) or all access (£6.99 a month). All options currently include a free 30-day trial (after the beta ends, this will go down to 14 days).

Mobile apps for Android and Amazon are already available, with iOS and Windows coming soon. Apps for consoles and other devices will launch later in the year.

Head over to sign up now. Remember that this is a beta and that some teething troubles are to be expected, but in the long run this is looking like a fantastic new service for British and Irish fans.