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'When Marnie Was There' UK Trailer Released

When Marnie Was There, the last feature to come out of Studio Ghibli to date will finally arrive in UK cinemas this summer. Hiromasa Yonebayashi's Oscar-nominated film (much like his earlier Arriety) takes a British novel (this time by Joan G Robinson) and relocates it to a Japanese setting.

Ahead of the June 10th release, StudioCanal have released the d├ębut UK trailer. The trailer features the GKIDS/Ghibli International produced English dub (although the film will also screen in subtitled format). You can check out the trailer below.

When Marnie Was There charts the friendship between Anna and the mysterious Marnie, a young girl who is not what she appears to be.

It's worth noting that in comparison to the US trailers, this particular trailer is much more revealing, showing scenes from later in the film. Viewers who are particularly concerned with trailers giving too much away might be better off giving this a miss.

The new film's release is being accompanied by the return of the Studio Ghibli Forever season, which will see StudioCanal bring the legendary studio's films back to cinemas across the country throughout the summer and beyond.  More details here.