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7 Animated Films to Watch With Your Mother

Mother's Day is here! So why not treat your mother (or child) with a night of heartwarming animated films? Whether you are a mother yourself, or a son/ daughter/ husband/ wife/ father, these movies will convey the power of maternal love and the struggles these women have to endure when raising their beloved child. This list will cover a range from Disney classics to anime films that will be sure to strengthen the bond between mother and child.

We are so grateful for our amazing mothers. Happy Mother's Day to you all!


Dumbo (1941)

Remember when babies were delivered by storks? Also, let us appreciate how this Disney classic was released 75 years ago! The film tells the story about a young circus elephant named Jumbo Jr. who is given the cruel nickname "Dumbo" because of his ridiculously large ears. His mother is indifferent, and loves him just the way he is. But it's heartbreaking to see Dumbo being bullied by those around him (especially by his own kind) just because he is different. And the love Mrs. Jumbo has for her son is so strong that she will do anything to protect her son, even if it means being locked up and called crazy. 

Lilo and Stitch (2002)

After an alien experiment crash-lands onto earth to escape prison, he is adopted by Lilo, a young girl living in Hawaii with her older sister Nani. Although Nani isn't technically Lilo's mother, she is her protective guardian and mother-figure. Everyday she has to deal with Lilo's crazy shenanigans, and their strained relationship doesn't help make anything better. Between handling a job, dealing with social workers and taking care of a child, Nani has got her work cut out for her. She may seem rash and over protective at times, but who wouldn't be if there was a tiny blue alien running around in your house?

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

If you are familiar with the first film, you will know that Hiccup's mother has been missing for as long as he could remember. Several years later, Hiccup and Toothless discover that she is still alive, and that she has been living with the dragons this entire time. When Hiccup's mother, Valka, sees her son again, she tries to make up for her absence by spending time with him and teaching him all the secrets she knows about dragons. Hiccup begins to look up to his mother, before soon remembering that she had betrayed him by leaving without a single word's notice. Valka realizes her failure as a mother, but she doesn't know how to make amends. She needs to show her son something more than just dragons and magic.

Coraline (2009)

This beautiful stop-motion animation is based on a novel of the same name. It follows the adventures of Coraline after her move into the Pink Palace Apartments. When Coraline's parents are too busy to pay attention to her, she discovers a secret portal into an alternate universe where everything is an exact copy, except... well, IT'S MORE FUN! In this mirror world, her "Other Parents" treat her, spoil her, and give her the magical life she has always wanted. She could stay there forever on one condition. She must sew buttons onto her eyes to seal the deal. Coraline's ideal life turns out to be a complete nightmare. Everyone in this world has buttoned eyes, and she is imprisoned in her own fantasy. But there is also a deep, dark secret about the "Other Mother" that will send chills up your spine. 

Mars Needs Moms (2011)

Nobody really enjoys doing chores as a child (though some do). But when Milo says that his life would be better without his mom, his wish gets granted... by aliens. He now has to save his mom from being abducted by aliens and having her "momness" extracted from her. Maybe this'll teach your kids never to skip out on the dishes.

Inside Out (2015)

It's hard to tell what your child is thinking, especially when you going through a big transition such as moving. In this film, we see Riley's internalized emotions -joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust- come to life as anthropomorphized figures. Riley's experiences in her new home are far from pleasant, and all the stressful things happening around her causes her emotions to go haywire and her "personality islands" to disappear. Her emotions are now on a mission to save Riley's personality and core-memories. Parents will understand that struggle in dealing with their child's emotions, and children will understand that feeling of wanting to run away from home. 

Wolf Children  (2012)

This Japanese anime film was directed and co-written by Mamoru Hosoda, who is also known for his work on Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. The story explores the joys and difficulties of being a single mother. Hana, the mother of 2, deals with the troubled identities of her half-wolf children Ame and Yuki. No one has ever raised half-wolf children before. So she decides to move to the country side to avoid prying neighbours and to start anew. The movie paces itself well from Hana's first meeting with her werewolf lover to their kids growing up. If you are a fan of Miyazaki-styled movies or beautiful storytelling, Wolf Children is the perfect heart-warming film about life, family and especially motherhood.

Brave (2012)

In Scotland, the headstrong princess Meridah is to be betrothed against her will. Her mother also wants her to conform to this "princess" stereotype, for the sake of their kingdom. A fight erupts between the princess and her mother, which causes Meridah to go into the forest to change her fate. She then gets help from a witch who gives her an enchanted cake. But when her mother mistakes the cake as a tasty snack, Meridah's fate has indeed changed. She now has to find a cure for her bear-mother before it causes permanency. At first, Meridah's mother is still reluctant to accept her daughters choice of hobbies and role-reversing stereotypes, but she learns to understand and love her daughter for who she really is, and Meridah learns to love her mother back, even as a big, brown grizzly bear.