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Kickstart This: Boerue- a Shamanic Sci-Fi Animated Series

One of the great things about crowdfunding in animation is that is can connect animators with a potential worldwide audience, who might otherwise never have discovered their work. Boerue, a project from Istanbul, Turkey is a perfect example of this.

The talented team at MayAna Creatives are setting out to make an animated series which is inspired by ancient Turkish and Mongolian mythology. The title means 'wolf' in the ancient Turkish language. It takes place in a setting based on the Steppes of Asia with a sci-fi twist, in a world where Shamans rule.  The project will be a 2D animated series that will be released on YouTube, although backers at $25 level and above will get early access. The trailer shows scenes from the series in Animatic form, but the accompanying artwork gives us a better look at just what the finished result will look like- and it's looking pretty stunning so far.

This is looking to be a unique opportunity.  Seeing animation come out of a part of the world you may not be used to encountering it from is always going to be interesting in itself. But by giving us a window to mythology we haven't seen on screen before it becomes even more so. The gorgeous artwork that this promises is just the icing on the cake. You can see some of the art in motion on the campaign page too, and it looks fantastic.

Unfortunately, we became aware of this project relatively late in the game- and the campaign only runs until May 12th. MayAna are seeking $85,000 in total, and the rewards start at just $1. If you're interested in helping this become a reality head over to the project page now and pledge your support, and don't delay!

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