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GKIDS Moves in to Co-Production with 'The Breadwinner', Bags US Rights

GKIDS, the New York-based animation specialist distributor has been ever growing in success over the past few years. In bringing films from Studio Ghibli, Cartoon Saloon and other amazing animation studios from across the globe to cinemas across North America, their name is fast becoming synonymous with quality. Not forgetting that outside of Disney and Pixar, no other animation company has had the same level of success in scoring best Animated Feature Oscar nominations.

The company is taking the next natural step, and getting involved in producing and financing films themselves. And where better to start than the next film from Ireland's twice Oscar-nominated Cartoon Saloon?  It's now been announced that Nora Twomey's The Breadwinner (due for completion in 2017) will be the first film to be co-produced by GKIDS.

GKIDS will co-finance Twomey's debut solo feature, which is being produced by Cartoon Saloon alongside Canada's Aircraft Pictures, Melusine Productions and Angelina Jolie Pits' Jolie Pas Productions.  GKIDS's Eric Beckman and David Jesteadt will also act as executive producers on the film.

It's an interesting move for GKIDS, and a smart one. And they say it won't be their last. "We'll continue to acquire films and we'll be on the lookout for the right kind of projects to keep our move into production going" said Jetsteadt. Moving in this direction is also potentially huge news for independent animators around the world, and might help more of the kind of films we love most get made. In other words.. this is some good news for animation fans.

In a not entirely unsurprising development, GKIDS have also confirmed that they have the US distribution rights for the film, with a release planned for autumn 2017. The film will be distributed by Elevation in Canada, and StudioCanal in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

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