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KickStart This: 'A Long Day'

A lot of focus recently has been put on established names turning to crowdfunding to make their dream projects happen. People with already existing fanbases are often able to use them to fund ideas that would be harder to achieve through traditional means. Potentially more exciting though is crowdfunding's ability to help out indie creators and give new voices a shot of breaking through.

Alicia Fernandez is a talented independent animator from Spain hoping to do just that. Having worked in a number of different mediums, she is planning a new traditionally animated short called A Long Day. The film will star an animated version of Fernandez's real-life pet dog Jacobo, who encounters a mysterious, mischievous creature with the ability to manipulate time itself.

The official description says that this film " goes one step beyond in showing how we can play with time within the narration in animated stories. It is a project full of life; an adventure which urges us to imagine what would happen if something or someone could disrupt the concept of time as we know it."

It's an intriguing concept, and the artwork on the campaign page has a real charm to it (the mysterious critter is a bit of a Stitch lookalike). This is also an opportunity to support true independent animation, as Alicia is essentially working alone (although she will work with a composer if the campaign is funded).

The goal is €8,000, and the campaign will run until August 14th. Rewards start at €5, with a pledge of €20 getting you early access to the finished film. If you're interested in making the project a reality head over to the campaign page now.