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'Star vs. the Forces of Evil': Season 2 Arriving July 11

After a nearly ten month long hiatus, Disney XD's Star vs. the Forces of Evil finally returns with its second season on July 11. The first season introduced us to adventure loving magical princess Star Butterfly (voiced by Eden Sher) who is sent to Earth to learn how to responsibly use her wand that she inherited upon turning fourteen as is tradition in her kingdom of Mewni. Together with her best friend on Earth, safe kid Marco Diaz (voiced by Adam McArthur), the duo take on her adversary Ludo's (voiced by Alan Tudyk) multiple monsters, foiling them in their many attempts to acquire Star's powerful wand. Lurking in the background is conniving villain, Toffee (voiced by Michael C. Hall), quietly and strategically over throwing Ludo and proving to be a formidable foe for Star and Marco. The first season ended on a foreboding note and fans are on edge to see where the series will go from here.

The first season finale saw Star tap into
the incredible power of the wand.
Credit: Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Created by Daron Nefcy, a 2009 graduate of Cal Arts, the series is the product of an idea that she toyed around with in her head since as early as 2008. Star vs. the Forces of Evil is a high energy animated comedy with a deep over arcing storyline that is subtly hinted at throughout and reaches a head in the season one finale, "Storm the Castle". Exploring themes of friendship, growing up, and adapting to change, the series does an excellent job of capturing just how wild and crazy being a teenager can be, especially if you happen to be a magical princess from another dimension. The series cultivated a devoted fan following well ahead of its March 30, 2015 premiere that was so impressive that the second season was green lit before the first episode had even aired.

Although Star and Marco have their occasional
disagreements, they're an unbreakable team.
Credit: Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz traverse through multiple dimensions which provides an endless supply of worlds and stories to explore. Dimensions have even included a gigantic video game arcade, a dance club where you can literally dance off the edge and die, and a museum of amazing and terrifying oddities from throughout the galaxy. Star works to learn how to control the amazing power of her wand while adapting to her new found home on Earth and going on exciting adventures in different dimension with Marco tagging along. Without spoiling anything, the stakes for Star have gotten higher ever since her encounter with highly intelligent Toffee and she'll have even more to deal with than simply learning how to responsibly wield her wand. From what was seen in the finale, it's clear that their feud has only begun and there is more to Toffee's plan.

We're excited to see what new adventures
are in store for season two!
Credit: Star vs. the Forces of Evil

The season two premiere will air on Disney XD on Monday, July 11 with two episodes, "My New Wand!" and "Ludo in the Wild".  Check out the upbeat title sequence below and be sure to tune in to this addictive show so as to ensure that it continues to thrive!