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Web Animation Watch "Obituary," "Die Young" "Dark Souls" and more

The internet has done great things for animation. It's made it easier for animators to get their work out there than ever before. But with so much stuff out there, how are you supposed to know what's worth watching? Welcome to another installment of AFA's Web Animation Watch.

If you've made something that you think would be a good fit for a future installment, drop us a line and let us know.

Obituary – a Grave Beginning (Cartoon series pilot)

Created by the Barryte Bros and animated by Studio Yotta, Obituary – a Grave Beginning tells the story of young June Crocker. A girl who has spent most of her childhood being raised by the ghosts that haunt her home. But it is today that she ventures into one of the most terrifying places on earth...high school. Great character design, smooth animation, and a dark sense of humor, Obituary is a promising start to a unique series.

Die Young (Kesha) – Fan Animation Music Video

Music videos set to animation can sometimes be hit or miss depending on the song. However, Vivenne Medrano's (aka VivziePop) take on the infamous Kesha song featuring characters from her Zoophobia comic is an impressive example of music video animation done right. The energy of movement plays well with the song, and the character designs pop in all the right ways. If you're like me and really enjoy well drawn out character animation, then this is video is a must see.

Undyne The Undying

Those who have played the Genocide Run of Toby Fox's Undertale know that pursuing this route of the game drastically changes to tone of the entire game. Becoming a much darker tale as the player character mercilessly kills the game's iconic characters one by one. This short, animated by Unusualbox, depicts the last stand of Undyne, Captain of the Royal Guard. Special props to Unusualbox for using darker backgrounds, and even adding an omage of the magical girl transformation sequence (the latter is fitting due to Undyne character being a loving parody of shonen/shojo anime tropes).

Again, this video falls into spoiler territory if you haven't played Undertale yet and wish to do so. You have been warned.

Crossbreed Priscilla – A Dark Souls Animation

Dark Souls is infamous for its bleak atmosphere and the plethora of monsters that would sooner crush players into undead paste than anything else. Which, in a way, makes this short animated parody video all the more heartwarming when a Elite Knight chooses to spend a nice quite moment with one of the many tragic characters that inhabit the ancient realm. The short was animated by Linus Almroth, who did a fantastic job bringing such a short scene to life.

The Brick Gulch Chronicles – Red Vs Blue Season 14

For many years now, Rooster Teeth Productions has made a name for itself for dabbling with different types of animation. From recording pre-existing game animation, to using Poser/AutoDesk Maya to breath new life into their character animation and beyond. And it all began with Red vs Blue. As a celebration for the long running web series, Season 14 of Red vs Blue has been dedicated to the untold stories/alternate universe tales of the series. Some filmed in the traditional Red vs Blue style, others (like this one) taking a different approach. It is good to see that the folks of Rooster Teeth are still having fun experimenting with new types of animation. If this episode is any indication, this may be one of the best seasons of the show thus far.