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KickStart This: 'Long Gone Gulch'

Long Gone Gulch is a fantasy adventure with a Western twist, following two Sheriffs named Rawhide and Snag who protect and serve the titular town. It's the creation of two professional animators, Tara Billinger (Disney) and Zach Bellissimo (Warner Bros) who have been developing their idea on their off time for more than five years.

Test animation shows Long Gone Gulch to be a really attractively designed concept that would look right at home alongside shows like Gravity Falls and Steven Universe. Now ready to take it up a notch, Tara and Zach are turning to crowdfunding. Their goal is to put together a pilot episode of between 8 and 11 minutes.

Long Gone Gulch is a mythical town, located somewhere in the old west. As the introduction would have it "If you’re lost in the desert and get caught in a sandstorm, you’ll probably die…or end up in Long Gone Gulch!". It's a place where mythical creatures (including Sasquatch) live together, alongside the occasional human.

The creators wanted to make a western-themed show that wasn't just a parody, and the result is an original creation that they say will appeal to fans of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Alice in Wonderland, Mad Max and The Mighty Boosh. Anyone who mentions The Boosh certainly has our attention.

This looks like a really fun concept, with appealing characters and we can see this being very popular. The project is seeking $25,000 by August 31st. Just $5 will get you an early access link to the film, or $15 a HD download.  Higher tiers include artbooks (digital or physical), t-shirts, badges and even original art.

The project still has some way to go as of right now, so we hope that it picks up steam. If you want to help make this project a reality head over on to the campaign page now pardners. Yee-haa!

Thanks to Dariush Asadi for the tip!

Check out the trailer below and see more at the LGG Tumblr.