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GKIDS Bringing 'A Town Called Panic: Double Fun' to Cinemas

If you are someone who follows European animation, then there's a good chance you are already aware of A Town Called Panic. Starting life as a Belgian TV series, before graduating to the big screen in 2009, the series follows the madcap adventures of a trio of old-fashioned plastic toys- Cowboy, Indian and Horse. Told through stop-motion, this is made in a defiantly low-fi style, a world away from the slickness of LAIKA. No doubt to many this is a part of the appeal, alongside the fast-paced slapstick humour that as won it fans around the world.

Following the success of the film, the characters have returned in a pair of TV specials Christmas Panic and Back To School Panic. Now GKIDS Films are bringing these two films to US audiences for the first time, screening as a double-feature for one day only for Arthouse Theatre Day.

The specials will be accompanied by a pair of Town Called Panic shorts Lisa & Jan and Cow Hulk. The screenings will take place on September 24th. The list of screenings follows