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'Milo Murphy's Law' Series Premier Available For Free On US iTunes

Excitement is building for the upcoming debut of Milo Murphy's Law, the new series from Phineas and Ferb creators Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh. Now with its first episode due to air Stateside on Disney XD on October 3rd, fans can get an early look at the premiere episode via the US iTunes Store.

The first episode is titled 'Going The Extra Milo/ The Undergrounders', revealing that each 22-minute episode will be split into two stories. The series will follow Milo Murphy (voiced by the legendary 'Weird' Al Yankovic, who also provides the theme song) who might just be the world's unluckiest kid. The poor kids doesn't really stand much of a chance- being descended from the man who 'Murphy's Law ("anything that can go wrong, will go wrong") is named after. Despite that, he doesn't let that get him down.

The first episode has been released as a free download that will be available to anyone in the US with an iTunes account. Grab it here, while you can- we're not sure if this will be a limited time offer on not. iTunes are also offering a season pass of the show for $28.99, should you decide it's the kind of show you want to add to your collection permanently.