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Web Animation Watch: 'Broken', 'Pokemon Generations' and more

Advances in technology and the spread of the internet has made it easier than ever for animators to get their stuff out there. This also means it's easier than ever for the good stuff to get lost in the crowd. How do you know what's worth watching? That's where we come in! Welcome back to Web Animation Watch.

Savlonic are the virtual electronica band dreamt up by Mr Weebl- and while the band may be virtual, the music they produce is legit. Broken is the first track from their new crowd-funded album Neon, and features an ace video from Kreid and Weebl himself. The album is available now.

Pokemon Generations is a 100% official web animation series from The Pokemon Company.  As part of the franchise's 20th-anniversary celebrations a series of new 3-5 minute shorts will be released showing iconic moments from Pokemon's various past iterations. The first three episodes have been uploaded so far.  A new episode will be released weekly until December.

Simon's Cat returns in his latest scrape Trash Cat,  where the cheeky kittie is determined to get his paws on the treasure contained in his owner's rubbish bin. As always, this is wonderfully observed, cute as a button and will almost certainly make  you laugh..whether you're a cat owner or not

Kubo and The Low Strings  is a pixel-art promotion made for LAIKA's wonderful Kubo and The Two Strings by tea&cheese. Recreating the characters of the movie in 8-bit style was an inspired idea, and this works brilliantly. Sadly, it was never actually used, but at least we get to see it now.

What if Studio Ghibli made a movie based on the classic Nintendo franchise The Legend Of Zelda? Artist Matt Vince made this stunning trailer based on just that idea. It was inspired by a series of posters Vince had previously made based on the same concept We don't know about you, but now we're just sad this isn't for real,,,

If you've created something that might be at home here, be sure to get in touch.