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Can you help support AFA?

Next month Animation For Adults will celebrate its third birthday! In the time since we've launched the most gratifying thing is when people have told us that they believe in what we are doing or that they think that what we are doing is important to them. However, while the site has grown a great deal over that time we are still a small, independent site. It's hard to compete with bigger sites (animation focussed or general film and TV sites alike) that have a considerable budget.  And thanks to the widespread use of ad-blockers we can't support ourselves with advertising alone. We want to be able to afford to cover the animation world more fully. And if you believe in what we do, then perhaps you might consider helping us reach our goals- and there are a few different ways you can help out.

The most direct way is to support us on Patreon. For a small monthly donation (starting at just $1.00) you can help out and get access to the podcast before anyone else, extended versions of most episodes and bonus episodes too. Higher tiers offer more perks too. You can even become a Podcast sponsor, or pick a title for review. See more details here. Let us know if there are other perks that you think we should offer, and we'll see what we can do.

One-off donations can also be made via PayPal if your prefer. All payments securely processed by Paypal. No account required.

Alternatively, you'll find more ways to help us out on this page.

We realise not everyone can afford to help (or even wants to). However, you can also help (in a way that costs you nothing) by whitelisting AFA in your adblocker software, and even easier by spreading the word about us to your animation loving friends- every share, retweet or positive review or rating (in the case of the podcast) really helps.

Thanks for reading. We truly appreciate every one of you.

-Team AFA