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GKIDS Aquire 'Mune: Guardian Of The Moon'

GKIDS, the animation specialist distributor operating out of New York, is on a roll. Sometimes it seems like they have the rights for virtually every non Major-Studio animated feature that has been attracting attention. The latest pick-up to be added to their impressive catalogue is the French made CG feature Mune: Guardian Of The Moon.

The film comes from the producers of The Little Prince and is directed by Alexandre Heboyan and BenoĆ®t Philippon, and was released in France in 2015. It has gone on to win prizes at the Tokyo Anime Awards and The Toronto International Kids Festivals, was nominated for a Cristal at Annecy and has also been put forward for next year's Oscars. Lots of reasons to expect good things then!

The film follows a young faun named Mune who inherits the title of Guardian Of The Moon, and finds himself going up against the ruler of the underworld in order to save the Sun and restore the natural order.

"We are proud to share the beautiful, bold world and rich mythology that infuse every frame of Mune: Guardian of the Moon with audiences nationwide", says GKIDS SVP of Distribution David Jesteadt. The film will be released theatrically in the US and Canada in Early 2017, complete with a new English language edition.

This is definitely a film with a style that makes it stand out from most of the rest of the CG animated movies out there. Whether the plot will hold up or not though, remains to be seen. We'll bring you more news as and when we get it!