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Pixar Reveal More 'Coco' Details

2017 will (like 2015) be a year in which two Pixar films will hit cinema screens. The first of which will be Cars 3,  a film it would be fair to say that is not exactly the most anticipated film in the Studio's history. The entirely unexpected tone of the first teaser has us hopeful that it could yet surprise us, however.

The second of the two- arriving in November- is Coco, the new film from Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich, and Pixar's first original film since The Good Dinosaur.  With less than a year until the film is released, Pixar have revealed some more details, including plot and casting, as well as some new concept art.

Coco is a film set in Mexico and inspired by the traditions of the Day Of The Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) festival. Pixar has revealed that the film will revolve around a young boy (Miguel) who dreams of following in the footsteps of his musical idol- the late Ernesto de la Cruz. Which would be all well and good apart from the fact that his family has forbidden music for generations, in the belief that it has brought misfortune on the household. One day Miguel accidentally discovers a way to enter the Land Of The Dead, where he encounters the spirits of his ancestors and decides to set off and find de la Cruz himself.

Miguel will be voiced by newcomer Anthony Gonzalez, who will also be performing all his own songs in the film. Ernesto de la Cruz will be played by Benjamin Bratt, and Renée Victor will play Miguel's grandmother. Gael García Bernal will voice a trickster spirit called Hector.

The film-makers have been keen to make sure that the film has an all-Latino cast, and stays as true as possible to its cultural influences. The film's plot can't help but have certain similarities with Jorge Gutierrez's The Book Of Life, but it remains to be seen how Unkrich's vision of The Land Of The Dead will differ.

Coco will hit cinemas in North America on November 22nd 2017.