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Kickstart This: "My Love Affair With Marriage"

Signe Baumane, the director of the indie feature Rocks In My Pockets is back, with another independent animated film for adult audiences. This time the director is taking to crowdfunding to raise funds for her follow-up film, My Love Affair With Marriage. The new film is described as combining "music and neuroscience into a personal story of love, gender and marriage."

"I've made a lot of short films about sex" Baumane explains, "and I've made one feature film about depression- Rocks In My Pockets. In my new film I want to combine the two... so I'm making a film about marriage". As with her previous work, the new film is drawn from the film-makers personal experiences. "I have been married two times and could never understand why those marriages didn't last longer than they did".

The film aims to be an exploration of marriage and of the relationship between women and men. It will follow a young woman named Zelma as she moves through a series of marriages, some real, some imagined.

The film is being made using an unusual style, combining traditional animation with three-dimensional paper-maché sets. The next step is to record the actors dialogue and songs, so the animation can begin. The goal is $124,670 and the project runs until February 24th.  Rewards include hand drawn greetings cards, digital downloads and the chance to feature in the film.

The campaign notes that the funding goal will not be enough to fund the film alone, but is intended to be used to prove there's a market for adult animation from a female perspective. It's also worth noting that the film is expected to take quite some time to produce- the goal is to get it finished in late 2019.

If you want to play your part in making this happen, you can find out more and pledge your support by heading over to the campaign page right now.