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Sci-Fi Comedy 'Black Holes' To Play Sundance Festival

Black Holes is a 3D animated short created by French duo David and Laurent Nicolas, that has been selected for screening alongside other animated shorts at this year's prestigious Sundance Film Festival. The sci-fi comedy was originally devised as a TV series, but the team decided to make a short as a pilot and proof of concept. The plan is to launch a Kickstarter campaign to launch a series starting later this month.

Described as "Star Trek meets The Office", it features an Astronaut named Dave sent to lead the colonisation of Mars, only to find himself teamed up with a sentient, intellectually superior Melon.  If that pitch isn't enough to your pique your interest, we don't know what will. It definitely puts the film on our radar.

Even better, the project has attracted an impressive voice cast with quite a pedigree between them:

  • William Fichtner (best known for roles in The Dark Knight and Prison Break) will play Youston.
  • Conrad Vernon (a voice actor who played various roles in the Shrek and Madagascar movies and most recently Sausage Party) as Dave. 
  • Steve Little  (who is known both for voice roles in series such as Adventure Time, but also onscreen roles including Eastbound and Down) will play The Melon.
  • Co-director David Nicolas will voice Dr Fingers
  • Lola Delon will play Clara Fingers

The Sundance Festival will run from January 19-29th this year and the screening dates and venues you can see Black Holes can be found here. Watch this space for more information on the Kickstarter once it launches!