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Annecy Reveals 2017 TV and Commisioned Films Line-up

We're just months away from the 2017 Annecy Animation Festival, one of the most important events in the animation calendar. There's still a way to go until the festival reveals the feature film line-up and the full list of events. In the meantime, the organisers have this week unveiled the line-up of TV and Commissioned Films.

This year 31 TV Series and Specials and 40 commissioned films are screening in competition. In the TV category a number of familiar shows will be screening, including episodes from Bojack Horseman, Puffin Rock, Trollhunters, The Loud House and Clarence. In keeping with the festival's international nature, these higher-profile shows will be rubbing shoulders with animation from France, Mexico Russia, Poland, and more. Noticeably absent from the selection is anything from Japan- which is a little strange considering it's most likely the biggest producer of TV animation in the world today.

The commissioned films are a selection of commercials, music videos, idents and promo films and featuring entries from the US, UK, France, China, Israel, Egypt and more.

This year's festival will take place June 12-17 in Annecy, France.

The full list of the 2017 selection follows:

TV Films

  • Babel, the Tale of Totalitarian Folly
  • Bill and Tony; "Spicy"
  • Bojack Horseman "Fish Out Of Water"
  • BB Square (Director's Cut 2016)
  • Clarence "The Tails of Mardrynia"
  • Ernest and Célestine, The Collection "Blizzard"
  • Fantasy Patrol "Everybody Dance Now"
  • George and Paul "Sleepwalking"
  • Hug Me "Operation Weekend"
  • INUI "She Puts the Ice in Nice!"
  • Kaeloo
  • Klump "End Of Track"
  • La Cabane à histoires "Rosa Lune et les Loups"
  • Lily's Driftwood Bay "Mr Parrot"
  • Loopdidoo Season 5
  • Maya The Bee Season 2
  • Mouvement Deluxe "Episode 4"
  • Piglet "Wild"
  • Puffin Rock "The First Snow"
  • Revolting Rhymes Part One
  • Rolling With The Ronks! "A Good Connection"
  • 68 Voices, 68 Hearts
  • Simon "Je ne veux pas aller à la piscine"
  • Super Science Freinds "The Phantom Premise"
  • The Loud House "No Guts, No Glori"
  • The Man-Woman Case "Wanted"
  • ToonMarty "Marty's Zit"
  • Trollhunters "Becoming: part One"
  • The Wind In The Reeds
  • The Tiniest Man In The World " The Sweater"
  • Will "No Limit".

Commissioned Films

  • /Slash Trailer 2016
  • A Story Of A Refugee
  • Adult Swim ID "Mr Pickles"
  • BBC Olympics "Rio 2016"
  • Big Sister
  • CNN "Blue"
  • Cocoon "I Can't Wait"
  • Créa
  • Dick the Dog
  • Elemental
  • Endangered Love
  • Emotions Factory
  • Fleddy Melculy "Apu Van De NightShop"
  • Giedré "King Of  The Animals"
  • Hadag Nahash & Infected Mushroom "Legal Eyes"
  • Holland Animation Film Festival 2017 "Festival Leader"
  • Honda "Ridgeline"
  • Human Rights Explained
  • Image Par Image
  • Journey Through Creativity
  • Katie Melua "Perfect World"
  • Le Chef
  • Le Mot des académiciens "Verre"
  • Life Animated
  • Little Lungs "Birthday"
  • Material World
  • Moby "Are You Lost In the World Like Me?"
  • Mr. Lif & L'Orange
  • Only Education, Make Growth More Wonderful
  • Plasticine
  • SGCH "Josh's Story"
  • Space Cocks
  • Spectacle Of The Real
  • Stone Age
  • TED-Ed "How Small are we in the Scale Of The Universe?"
  • The Greatest Gift
  • The Human Slaughter House
  • The School Of Life "Cultural Mining"
  • What Makes Something "Kafkaesque"?
  • White Night

For more information on any of these and the festival itself, visit the Festival's website.